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What is a BetterVent?

It was a long time coming but now there is a new type of indoor dryer vent made for electric dryers and the BetterVent® Indoor Dryer Vent is in a class all its own.

ADR Products, LLC is proud to introduce their “Made in USA” product. BetterVent has more to offer than any other product of its kind. Customers who have been using old style water trap vent kits will instantly understand why BetterVent beats them all.

We asked home owners what they did not like about the old vent kits, we listened and learned.

ADR Products' patented design does not use water, it is easy to clean and maintain, and filters your electric dryer's exhaust free of lint dust with its double filter system.

It protects indoor air quality and saves energy.

BetterVent is not just for those homeowners and renters who cannot vent their dryer outdoors but also for those whose dryer lines are inconvenient to clean due to excessive length.

Some homeowners have experience with lines that are hidden in ceilings and walls, or exit into their garage, and know how difficult these areas are to keep free of accumulated lint.

Others want to capture the heat from their electric dryer to warm their laundry room in the cold months.

People are frequently letting us know what problem the BetterVent solves in their home.

We love hearing from our customers so tell us, what can the BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent do for you? 

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