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Adrienne & David Adrienne Szabady and David Gregory 

Who Are We?

David Gregory - Inventor 

David has been a carpenter most of his working life. He spent his youth in Miami, Florida and is the son of a cabinet maker. He has built everything from furniture to houses. Finish carpentry is what he seems to enjoy the most. Next to that, he loves the Do-It-Yourself concept of making useful things. This is how the BetterVent® came to be. During a laundry room remodel, David realized that venting to the outside of the house was going to involve a dryer duct that was way beyond the manufacturer’s recommended length. So, after trying out all the existing water trap units he set about developing an indoor dryer vent that used filters instead of water to keep the lint and dust out of the laundry room. After many prototypes made of wood he discovered that there was a real need for his idea and began to research how to make a marketable product. David spent 4 years developing, refining and receiving a patent for the BetterVent®  you see today.

Adrienne Szabady - ADR Business Manager

Adrienne grew up in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Wyoming in 1977. She has spent most of her working life in various trades including restaurant, retail and administrative work, all of which has provided her with the skills to manage the day to day tasks of running the business end of ADR Products. While challenging at times, running a small business is also very rewarding and is a never ending learning experience. When she is not busy running the business, Adrienne loves to make quilts, garden, tend to her flock of chickens and hive of bees, cook, bake and preserve food.  She also enjoyed helping David to build their current DIY project, a modest passive-solar straw bale home in Laramie, Wyoming. The house was completed in 2017.

Our Philosophy

When we decided to develop, manufacture and market the BetterVent, we were committed to producing a Made in USA product and to keeping our "footprint" on the planet as close to home as we could.  We also wanted to make a quality product that was sturdy, useful and usable. It took much longer than we ever imagined it would, but we believe that we met our intended goals. 

We live in Southeast Wyoming and finding local producers was a challenge. We spent about a year exploring our options for a centralized location, parts producers, plastics manufacturers and warehousing and fulfillment, while trying to keep all of them within the shortest travel distances possible and keep our costs manageable.

We are proud to say that we have been able to partner with our plastics manufacturer, filter provider and fulfillment center within the Salt Lake City, Utah area. This allows for the shortest travel distance for our inventory.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best customer service possible. We are always available to assist our customers and we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or less, 6 days a week. YOU are the most important part of our business because, without YOU, we would not be in business.

Adrienne Szabady, Chief Operations Officer

How we came to make a BETTER Indoor Dryer VENT

My name is David Gregory and I am the principle inventor of the BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent System and a co-founder of ADR Products.

In 2010 Adrienne and I organized ADR Products, LLC to design, build, and sell the BetterVent. The BetterVent is an indoor dryer vent that protects the indoor air quality of a home and can also help save energy by returning the warm air from a clothes dryer back into the home rather to the outside of the house.

Our story is really about how a simple DIY project grew into a full blown project development and marketing adventure.

Like many people, I often get involved with DIY projects because I want something special that I cannot find in the stores. This was the case with the indoor dryer vent we needed for our house after a laundry room remodel.

We wanted something better than what the stores offered. We had tried them all and they just did not work well for us. They did not filter the lint dust from the air and the water it required was messy and difficult to maintain.  We always had a faint blue layer of dust on the ceiling in our laundry room.

I thought I could make a better filter system and I did. It installed easily and worked quite well.

Before long I made another for a friend and then another and then we started talking and one thing lead to another and we patched together ADR Products with the intention of  getting a product to market that was Made in USA and would better serve customers than anything else on the market.

That was eight years ago and we have come a long way since the early prototypes I made in my wood shop.

From computer aided design to rapid prototyping with Stereolithographic technology to machine shop tooling and plastic injection, it has been a thoroughly fascinating adventure for me to learn the technology that supports our modern industrial manufacturing.

For Adrienne, it was realizing that venting her electric clothes dryer indoors did not have to mean constantly cleaning the ceiling and walls of dryer lint.

The technology behind our modern life is truly amazing.

David Gregory, CEO, ADR Products, LLC

What is a BetterVent?

It was a long time coming but now there is a new type of indoor dryer vent made for electric dryers and the BetterVent® Indoor Dryer Vent is in a class all its own.

ADR Products, LLC is proud to introduce their “Made in USA” product. BetterVent has more to offer than any other product of its kind. Customers who have been using old style water trap vent kits will instantly understand why BetterVent beats them all.

We asked home owners what they did not like about the old vent kits, we listened and learned.

ADR Products' patented design does not use water, it is easy to clean and maintain, and filters your electric dryer's exhaust free of lint dust with its double filter system.

It protects indoor air quality and saves energy.

BetterVent is not just for those homeowners and renters who cannot vent their dryer outdoors but also for those whose dryer lines are inconvenient to clean due to excessive length.

Some homeowners have experience with lines that are hidden in ceilings and walls, or exit into their garage, and know how difficult these areas are to keep free of accumulated lint.

Others want to capture the heat from their electric dryer to warm their laundry room in the cold months.

People are frequently letting us know what problem the BetterVent solves in their home.

We love hearing from our customers so tell us, what can the BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent do for you? 

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