Calibrating your BetterVent

You can find a link to our Calibration video here or follow the instructions with photos below to calibrate your BetterVent. It's easy!

There are electric dryers of all sizes, all with different exhaust outputs. Since they all operate differently, it is necessary for the purchaser to set the Safety Vent Flap to operate with their specific dryer.

Just follow these easy instructions.

  • The Safety Exhaust Flap (SEF) is located on the very top of the BetterVent. First, remove the tape that was used to hold it in place during shipping.
  • Make sure that the BetterVent is fully assembled and mounted in an upright position and that the lint screen inside your dryer is clean and free of lint. Cleaning the screen inside your dryer should be done after each dryer load, as recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • Next, take the smallest weight from your accessory pack, peel off the brown paper and attach it to the inside of the Safety Vent Flap, as shown.


  • Now, find a book, notebook, clipboard or magazine. Turn your dryer on and cover about 25% of the door.


  • What should happen now is your Safety Vent Flap will open or stay closed. If it stays closed, continue to move upwards until the flap opens.


  • If it opens before you reach 80% coverage of the door, add one of the 4 remaining weights to the top of the closed Safety Vent Flap (see photo below) and do the test again. Continue to add weights to the top until Safety Vent Flap opens at 80% coverage. Note: most users do not have to add more than 2 of the weights to the top of the safety exhaust flap.


  • Ideally, you want the flap to open at about 80% coverage with the dryer running. The Safety Vent Flap is designed to alert you that it is time to clean or replace the polyester filter inside. Remember, the white side of the filter faces out when the door is closed.
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