Benefits of BetterVent

Want to vent your electric clothes dryer indoors?
The BetterVent by ADR Products is a premium interior venting system designed to provide a lifetime of value.
The BetterVent indoor dryer vent kit is designed to prevent lint and lint dust from adversely affecting indoor air quality. It meets customer needs by providing cleaner air, a dust free environment, a healthier home, easy maintenance, and secure and easy installation. Customers benefit from a two filter system housed in an air tight chamber, ease of maintenance and prepackaged replacement filters. BetterVent has more to offer than any other product of it’s kind, while creating a strong appeal to sophisticated customers that make buying decisions based on value and real benefits.

•Healthier Home
•Cleaner Air
•Easy Maintenance
•No Water Required
•Equipped with Exclusive Safety Vent Feature
•Double Filtration System
•Heat Recovery
•Humidity Enhancement
•Saves Energy
•Made in USA