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Upgrade indoor venting for your electric dryer with the original BetterVent Replacement Filters. Our filters ensure a cleaner, healthier indoor environment while optimizing your dryer's performance. Although our filters have a brand-new color, you’ll still enjoy the same exceptional product quality!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced Longevity: With regular care, you can enjoy up to a full year of usage per package with BetterVent replacement filters. They withstand continuous use without compromising effectiveness, saving you from frequent replacements.
  • Improved Air Quality: Protect your family's health with our product’s exceptional air purification qualities. Our double-filter system captures harmful particles, lint, and allergens, providing greater indoor air quality.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Say goodbye to complicated dryer filter cleaning routines! Regularly vacuuming BetterVent replacement filters is all it takes to maintain peak performance and longevity, making your life easier.
  • Color Update: Embrace our refreshing green and white design, a vibrant upgrade for a product that delivers exceptional dryer performance. Please load your green and white filter with the green side facing out when the door is closed.
  • Free Shipping: For greater customer satisfaction and convenience, we provide free shipping, making maintaining your dryer's efficiency and indoor air quality a breeze.



- Color: Green and white
- Quantity: 6 filters per package
- Compatibility: Designed for electric dryers (IMPORTANT: Use only the recommended MERV 5 polyester filter material and the provided stainless steel screen in the BetterVent). Filters should be inserted with the green side facing out with the door closed. 
- Material: High-grade, durable materials ensure reliable performance and longevity
- Filter Efficiency: Impressive lint and particle capture efficiency improves dryer performance
- Maintenance: Regular light vacuuming extends the filter's lifespan and maintains peak efficiency (Pro tip: You can also use a lint roller to remove lint from the polyester filter)



Inserting BetterVent replacement filters is a breeze! Just remember to place the green side facing out into the room with the door closed, and you're good to go.

Proper Filter Maintenance for Energy-Efficient Drying

Similar to your HVAC filter, the frequency of changing BetterVent replacement filters depends on your home and dryer usage. For instance, a two-person household that dries a few loads a week may need to clean the filters after every six to 10 loads. When your dryer takes longer to dry clothes, it's a good sign that it's time to change the filter. Cleaner filters mean a more energy-efficient dryer!

Introducing the Safety Exhaust Flap

Life gets busy! Laundry can pile up quickly, and checking your dryer isn't always at the top of your to-do list. That's why we created the Safety Exhaust Flap, a BetterVent invention.

When the calibrated flap opens, it's time to install a new filter and check if it's time to order more BetterVent replacement filters. This helpful feature reminds you to care for your filter and protects your dryer from overheating and potential damage.



Upgrade your indoor venting with BetterVent replacement filters. Enjoy cleaner air, improved dryer efficiency, and a convenient laundry experience.