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The BetterVent indoor dryer vent system is an innovative and convenient solution for simplified clothes drying and cleaner indoor air. No more hassles of venting your dryer outdoors with water! BetterVent is the superior, safer alternative for electric dryers unable to vent outside. Proudly crafted in the USA, this premium interior venting system offers a lifetime of value. Simplify your laundry experience and upgrade your indoor venting today!

- Waterless Venting: With the BetterVent indoor dryer vent, you no longer need water to vent your dryer indoors. Experience seamless, mess-free indoor venting.
- Complete Package for Easy Setup: The BetterVent indoor dryer vent packaging includes two polyester filters, mounting hardware, calibration weights, and an easy-to-follow instruction brochure for effortless setup.
- Made in the USA: The BetterVent is proudly crafted in the USA with premium components, providing top-notch quality and reliable performance.
- Double Filtration System: The two-filter system captures more dust and lint from your dryer than any other dryer vent system currently on the market.
- Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping while upgrading your indoor venting system.
- Safety Exhaust Flap: This BetterVent original invention opens when it's time for a new filter, preventing dryer overheating and potential damage to your appliance.

- Healthier Home, Cleaner Air: The BetterVent indoor dryer vent helps you breathe easy with improved indoor air quality, thanks to effective lint and particle capture.
- Easy Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free filter maintenance with simple cleaning and care routines.
- No Water Required/Save Water: Eliminate the need for water in indoor venting, which can help you save on utility costs.
- Double Filtration System: Benefit from a two-filter system for enhanced efficiency in capturing lint and debris.
Humidity Enhancement: Maintain optimal indoor humidity levels during winter and dry seasons for added comfort and well-being.
- Save Energy: The BetterVent indoor dryer vent can improve your dryer's efficiency, saving energy and reducing utility costs.

- Dryer Type: Designed exclusively for electric clothes dryers (Type 1)
- Dryer Duct Size: Compatible with 4” (102 mm) diameter dryer ducts
- Airflow: Approximately 100 cu/ft. per minute for efficient drying
- Size: Compact and space-saving, measuring 14.5”(height) x 10”(width) x 5.5”(deep)
- Weight: Lightweight at approximately 2 lbs., ensuring easy installation and handling
- Color: Stylishly designed in soft white with black trim, complementing any dryer setup
- Material of Construction: Crafted from durable ABS Plastic, guaranteeing longevity and performance

For optimal performance, install the BetterVent indoor dryer vent near your dryer on a convenient wall, ideally at eye level for easy access and cleaning.

Ensure the exhaust hose is as short as possible for efficient dryer operation. Install the BetterVent vertically with the standard 4" exhaust hose at the bottom, connecting it to your dryer's exhaust port.

Adequate ventilation in the laundry area is crucial to prevent excess moisture. Consider using a small fan or keeping a window open to facilitate air circulation and maintain a comfortable environment.

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